Travel App

Illustrative Travel App

To design and create a Travel App.

The Brief

To create an Illustrative Travel App, of any kind, that can be used to improve the users travel experience. It had to include a minimum of 3 screens including a range of illustrations and icons. Date Completed: April 2019


I started this task by completing research on the different types of travel apps and creating several idea mind maps before deciding that I wanted to create an app based on landmarks, specifically landmarks in London. I wanted this app to cover six London landmarks that are some of the most popular in the world. London is one of my favourites cities to visit due to the atmosphere and places to see so I decided this would be a great opportunity to put my knowledge of London to good use. I also created a mind map of app name ideas to help me choose the name I would use for my London travel app and decided on ‘explore: LDN’.

App Locations App Names Mindmap

After choosing my idea, I created a mind map of landmark locations in London to help me choose the best landmarks for my app. Once I had completed this, I researched each landmark to find out more about it i.e. what tube stations and what other landmarks/places were close to it.

I then started sketching out wireframes of how my app might look. I made the wireframes as detailed as possible so when it came to designing the app, I knew exactly what I was doing. My next step was to design the landmark illustrations from sketches I had created. For this I used Adobe Illustrator as I thought it was the most suitable application to use.

App Locations

Once I had each of the above elements completed, I started to build my ‘explore: LDN’ app. For this I used Adobe XD, as it is an app designing tool.

App Process


For the colours used in the app I took my inspiration from the Union Jack flag. This flag is heavily promoted throughout London and the colours are easily recognisable as a result. I knew the colours would work well together and I used some lighter shades to add contrast to the overall look. I used 6 colours in total ranging from light blue/red to dark blue/red.

App Colour Scheme


The two main challenges I faced during this task were designing the layout and creating the digital illustrations. My first app design was very text heavy and was not very user friendly. To overcome this I carried out more research looking at different app layouts. With the information I gained I added additional illustrations and reduced the amount of text so the information was clear and easier to read and follow, helping to create a user friendly app.

As I am not an illustrator creating the digital versions of my landmark sketches was a bit of a challenge for me. To solve this I used Adobe Illustrator and carried out several master apprentice tasks so I could overcome this particular challenge and I am pleased how the illustrations look.

The Outcome

I successfully designed a travel app which showed six of the most popular landmarks in London. I also created a video showing how users could navigate through the app and how simple that process was, which I believe is a key component to app design.

App Process


Designing my ‘explore: LDN’ app allowed me to identify what works well within an app and what doesn’t. It was important to me that I designed a travel app that was user friendly, informative and simple. Through feedback during the design phase I was able to adapt different areas to make them stand out more by using different size fonts, colours etc. As this was the first app I had designed I was pleased with the outcome and believe it could be a workable app in real life, if I ever decided to take it further.

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