Business Cards

Personal Branding

Creating my own brand identity.

The Brief

To design and create a cohesive and considered personal brand that can be used in both casual and professional situations. The brand must contain a monogram, wordmark and visual marque, as well as a well designed and branded portfolio website together with a set of brand guidelines. Date Completed: March 2019


It was important to understand the history of monograms and how they are used and once I had researched this I sketched out a range of monogram ideas and designs for my initials HH. I then narrowed down these sketches until I was left with my strongest designs, digitised these and then refined them until I found the one to best represent me and my brand.

Monogram Sketches Monogram Sketches Monogram Sketches


I knew I wanted to keep my wordmark quite simple, clear and professional by using a sans-serif font to complement my monogram design and after looking at a range of fonts, digitally, I began sketching out ideas and writing pros and cons to narrow down the choices I had for this brand element. Once I had a selection of fonts I liked, I began pairing them with my monogram, experimenting with different font weights and size until I found a suitable font that worked well with my monogram. I chose the font Avenir Next Regular as this font met my overall objective of simplicity and professionalism.

Wordmark Wordmark Wordmark

Visual Marque

I wanted my visual marque to be something personal to me. By researching visual marques and remembering what I liked from my childhood, I began sketching out a range of ideas. I made digital versions and paired them with my wordmark. Once I found the design I felt worked well with my other brand elements, I began refining it to ensure it represented my personal brand well. I chose a butterfly design as my visual marque as it represents my childhood and depicts freedom of creativity.

Visual Marque Sketches Wordmark Wordmark

Brand Guidelines

With my three brand elements created I created my own set of brand guidelines detailing; who I am, my values, brand voice and tone, each brand element, typography, colour and scale/isolation rules and business card layouts. After completing research regarding brand guidelines, I created a set of brand guidelines which allowed me to present details of my brand in an easy and simple way so that it can be used by others. These guidelines cover every aspect of how the brand can be used and they are presented simply and clearly so anyone wanting to use the brand can easily understand all of the elements.

Brand Guidelines


The main challenge I faced during this task was choosing a typeface for my wordmark. It was important that I chose a font that would look professional and complement my monogram design. It took a lot of research and trial and error before I decided on the font I used, Avenir Next Regular, and I am happy with the end result.

The Outcome

Success! I finally had a monogram, visual marque and word mark which represented me as a designer, along with the brand guidelines to ensure consistency of use. Each piece is a unique asset to my brand and reflect the freedom of creativity and simplicity that I wanted to achieve.

Monogram, Wordmark and Visual Marque


This project showed me how important a visual identity is and I gained so much experience whilst researching and designing all the elements in this piece of work. Additionally, I learned that feedback is invaluable and by using any feedback given I was able to create a brand I am proud of. I feel I now have a strong brand which represents me and I know, as I progress in my career, my branding may evolve to reflect the different stages in my working life.

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